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  • Kansas30%
  • Michigan State22%
  • North Carolina14%
  • Kentucky6%
  • Oklahoma5%

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PocketBracket Rules

PocketBracket allows anyone with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android powered device to create Men's College Basketball brackets. Brackets are automatically scored and ranked on the PocketBracket Network, as well as within any pool you join.

We try to keep our rules clear and simple. If you have additional questions, watch our videos, read the FAQs, or ask us directly.

PocketBracket officially starts the tournament at tip-off of the first game of the first round. Play-in games are not considered. Any edits after the tournament starts will remove your bracket from rankings.
Points are earned by picking the correct game winners. PocketBracket uses a 1-2-4-6-8-10 point system. For example, correct picks in Round 3 (Sweet 16) earn 4 points.
Brackets are ranked based on points. The bracket scoring the most points at the end of tournament, will be the PocketBracket Network winner.
Duplicate brackets - brackets created by the same user with the same picks - will not be ranked. This helps keep the ranks pure. Duplicate brackets will still be scored.
In the event of a point tie, the winning bracket will be determined by earlier creation time (first to enter) and least revisions. If a tie still exists, each bracket will be considered the PocketBracket Network winner.
No Cheating
We know someone out there will find some way to tinker with their bracket. Don't!
Be Good
Inappropriate brackets will not be ranked and may be removed from the PocketBracket Network. For more information, please review our Terms
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