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  • Kansas30%
  • Michigan State22%
  • North Carolina14%
  • Kentucky6%
  • Oklahoma5%

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this app all about? Take a look at the most frequently asked PocketBracket questions.

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Why can't I download PocketBracket?
PocketBracket for iOS requires version 5.0 or above.

PocketBracket for Android requires an Android version 2.1 or above.
How do I create a bracket?
Follow the instructions below or watch this short video.

From the Bracket or Network screen tap "+". Provide a name for your bracket and tap "Save".

Tip: Use a unique name to help you identify your bracket on the PocketBracket Network.
How to I delete a bracket?
From the Bracket tab, perform the native delete gesture on the bracket you want to remove.

On iOS devices, swipe your finger across the bracket. Tap the Delete button that appears to permanently delete your bracket. Tap anywhere else to cancel.

On Android devicies, long press the bracket and select Delete from the menu.
How do I select my picks?
Follow the instructions below or watch this short video.

Select a bracket from the Bracket screen. Tap the "Picks" button. Navigate between regions and rounds to make your picks. Tap "Save" when you're done.
If I know my final picks, do I have to fill out the whole bracket?
PocketBracket has a unique feature called BackPick. To advance a team to a later round, simply go to that round. Tap the game and make your pick. PocketBracket will automatically advance that team to that round.
How do I create a pool?
Follow the instructions below or watch a short video.

From the Pool screen tap "+". Provide a name for your pool and tap "Save". If you'd like to make your pool private, provide a 4 digit passcode.

Tip: Use a unique name to help you identify your pool on the PocketBracket Network.
How do I join a pool?
Follow the instructions below or watch a short video.

Find the Pool by searching for it by name from the Pools screen. Select the pool and tap "Join".

If the pool is private, you will need to enter the pool passcode (Which the pool organizer can give you).

Select any brackets you wish to join to the pool and tap "Join".
I don't see my bracket when joining a pool?
In order to join a pool, your bracket must exist on the PocketBracket Network. You can be sure it does by syncing you brackets with the PocketBracket Network.
Why is it asking me to sync my brackets?
PocketBracket is a native app. This allows you to create and manage your brackets without a network connection. The next time you connect, PocketBracket will ask you to sync your changes.

You should sync when prompted or by shaking your device while on the Brackets screen. This will ensure that your data on the PocketBracket Network is up-to-date and will be correctly scored and ranked.
Why aren't my bracket's being scored?
Bracket scores and ranks are updated after each game is final. You can also refresh your Bracket screen to ensure your brackets are up-to-date.
Why does PocketBracket have last year's tournament data?
PocketBracket comes preloaded with last year's tournament data so can practice using the app before the Madness begins.

PocketBracket will automatically perform an in-app update when tournament data becomes available on Selection Sunday.
How long can I update my bracket?
You can update your picks until tip-off of the first game of the first round (not the Play-In games).

You can continue to make brackets after this time. These brackets will be scored, but will not be ranked.
How many brackets can I create?
As many as you want.
What is the "PocketBracket Network"?
This is the PocketBracket Network!

Your brackets and pools are stored here so you can access them from anywhere. Us geeks call it "the cloud".
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